PC Problems for Dummies

My good friend David Meldrum complained about my last-but-one post about my PC problems. He wrote in a comment:

In future, can you also post an alternative entry on topics like this in a ‘for dummies’ style? I undersood nothing there… I want to join you on the rollercoaster of emotions that is your life with your computer, but feel unable to do so just now, due to being a bit thick.

Ok. Basically what happened was that my computer was reporting that my processor (CPU) was running at the wrong speed. That’s a bit like buying a Ferarri and discovering that it has the top speed of a Reliant Robin!

I tweaked a couple of settings ‘under the bonnet’. At one point the computer didn’t start at all. I got worried.

After much geeky faffing about I discovered that the problem was that the CPU was overheating due to a dusty heatsink and fan (the bits that try to keep the processor cool). A bit like when a car engine overheats the car doesn’t run quite so smoothly.

I cleaned the fan. That fixed the problem. I was happy.

I hope that helps.

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