Video: laughing tv host

TV host loses his composure

Clearing out my inbox this morning I came across this video clip from the last B3ta newsletter. Here’s what B3ta said about the clip:

TV host gets giggles
Can this really be real? A foreign Kilroy gets the uncontrollable giggles while interviewing guests with a tragic tale to tell – because they have funny voices. We can’t tell quite what’s going on because we don’t speak the lingo, but the chap has a very infectious laugh. [Windows Media, 3.78 MB]

I’ve been crying with laughter for quite literally a few minutes. The great thing is that while the host is killing himself laughing none of the rest of the audience seem to think that anything is funny. Genius!

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4 thoughts on “Video: laughing tv host”

  1. No joke, I saw this the day before giving a client presentation last week.. during the presentation, a guy with a speech impediment asked me a question and I was struggling so hard not to laugh. I answered his question with the most obvious smile on my face… this clip has consequences!

  2. I can confirm that this is a feed from a daytime Television show in North Europe. The host is asking questions about an accident involving the lady on the right which crippled her and is discussing how she survived despite having a rare blood type he’s sensitive to this. It’s only when her partner starts speaking with his unique voice that it sets the presenter off – the partner is discussing the troubles of looking after her – here the presenter can contain himself no longer!

    It is not a fraud, though I’ve heard that a couple of times.

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