Geek porn™, pt.2

Ladies and gentlemen, the Optimus Mini Three

Optimus Mini 3

Last summer I blogged about the forthcoming Optimus keyboard, a full-size keyboard with a difference: the keys are all tiny OLED screens where each key can be customized to display whatever you want to appear on it. You want a Russian keyboard, sure. You want a customised keyboard for playing Battlefield 2, or Quake, or Call of Duty 2, no problem. (Check out the screenshots here.)

While the full keyboard is due to appear on the market at the end of this year (2006) they have a smaller, three key version available very, very soon, called the Optimus Mini Three. Perfect for those Ctrl+Alt+Del moments (I’m not kidding, click on Login/Lock at the bottom of the At a glance page).

It is available for preorder now for only US $100.

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