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Some users have posted saying that Microsoft Money 2005 doesn’t work with Windows 10 build 10240. It throws an error saying that “Money required Internet Explorer 6 to function properly. Please reinstall Internet Explorer 6 so these components can be added”.

There is a workaround for getting Microsoft Money 2005 to work with Windows 10. I’ve not tried it yet, but you can find out about it here:

It involves a registry change.

I’ve been using Microsoft Money to manage my personal finances (such as they are) since about 1996. Today I upgraded to the last version that was produced for the UK by Microsoft: Microsoft Money 2005 (version; in contrast the US edition went on until version 17.

I used the 16-bit Microsoft Money version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 for about seven years, until I upgraded to Windows XP in 2003. I then moved to Money 2004 and had all but given up hope that I could obtain the last localised UK edition (2005) until I discovered this afternoon that Microsoft now make it available for free download (see below for links).

Import RBS transactions

I’m a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customer and they still make all my statements available for download in Microsoft Money format (.ofx) which I can then import and track, which is really helpful.

Bills and deposits

I’ve set up in Money all my regular bills and deposits (e.g. mortgage payment, direct debits, salary) and so I can see what bills are still to go out, and when I’m next due to be paid. It really keeps me on top of all our accounts; we currently have about 11 accounts including credit cards and the boys’ Rainbow Savings accounts.


One of the most useful functions I find is the ability to categorise payments and deposits which is great for setting a budget, and tracking just exactly where our money has gone.

This month, for example, I can see that we’ve spent £242.34 on food, £253.76 on fuel (!!) and withdrawn a total of £150 from cash machines (including supermarket cashback facilities).

I found the reports a little buggy in Money 2004, in 2005 they are much improved.


The upgrade I found painless. I backed-up my Money 2004 (.mny) file, uninstalled Money 2004 and installed Money 2005 its the default location. On the first run I opened my existing Money file which 2005 ably and promptly upgraded and I was good to go.

The competition

Since Microsoft have halted development I have been tempted to move to another application but to be honest, this does what I need it to, and I can’t really justify the expense or hassle of moving to another, unfamiliar application.

I tried a demo of Accountz. I uninstalled it within a couple of hours. Personal taste: I just didn’t like it. It didn’t feel as polished an application as even Money 3.0. I’m probably doing it a huge disservice, but it just wasn’t for me.

The only other option, really, is Quicken which looks great and there seems to be a version for just about everybody. Obviously, RBS also offer downloads in Quicken format so it could be a viable option. The most basic versions, Quicken Starter Edition 2012 costs US $29.99 (approx. £19.41), next up is Quicken Deluxe 2012 which costs a very reasonable US $59.99 (approx. GPB £38.85) but that’s thirty-eight quid that I don’t have at the moment.


I’m happy with Microsoft Money, I’ve been using for years, I’m familiar with it, I trust it and it really keeps me on top of my finances.

You can download the localised US and UK versions here:

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  1. Thank you so much for that. Got me out of a jam when my Money 2003 file became corrupted with a strange blank bill which I could not erase. Started kicking out an error every time I did anything, and had already been backed up everywhere by then.
    So, 2005 installed, which has the repair file option. File converted, repaired and all is well.
    Just one thing that I’ve noticed, on two machines both running Win7: It needs maybe ten seconds or so after exiting before shutting down the computer, or re-entering Money for that matter, or I get a message that it is still running, even though it’s not visible in Task Manager. A minor issue only.

  2. I did the upgrade from 8.1 to win 10 . It did not go well at first but after a couple of restarts all the right files in all the right places worked including your Money download. I did backup all files.
    The only trouble has been e-mails as MS try to force us to use the Mail App which is linked to Outlook which does not support POP or even IMAP accounts. All else works OK. thanks I am in the middle of updating my accounts. The danger of MS forcing us down one road is we vote with our feet I have just bought an Android Tab to make sure I can stay in touch with my family.
    If there was an Android Money App that would take all my old history and accounts I would never ever go near MS Windows again.

  3. Wonderful. I recently had to do a clean install of Windows, and couldn’t find my MSMoney for reinstall anywhere.

    Shame Microsoft stopped publishing this program!

    thanks for the help.

  4. Gareth, thank you so much for the guidance on this.

    Similarly, I’ve been using MM since the late 90’s and the need to upgrade my laptop meant a huge headache of how to keep all my files live and use-able. I’ve needed to complete the registry change for Windows 10, but it worked immediately and I’m up and running

  5. I have installed MyMoney2005 (having to do full install as needed factory reset). It is asking for a pssword to open mynoney? Any ideas what it is default?

  6. Thanks for this very useful item. I had upgraded from MS Money2001 to US version (not realising the issues this would bring) and thought I had lost everything. However UK 2005 has seen access to my files again. Phew. Thanks again

  7. Yesterday I installed windows 10 on my laptop and then downloaded from your site Microsoft Money. Much to my surprise it worked perfectly without the error message asking for IE to run it. I have backed up Money from my other machine running Windows 8.1 and everything seems fine. No need to use your registry fix ( I am pleased to say). I am still unsure of Windows 10 but will assess it over the next week or so. Unfortunately Windows Media Player doesn’t work yet and the welcome video introducing windows 10 says video not working.

  8. I’m running Money 2005 (UK) under Win 7 Pro (in Parallels Desktop) and like others have for years but every so often when I close Money it simply deletes the .mny file. I had a spate of it doing this a fair while back and cant remember how I fixed it and now its doing it again…

    I’ve tried archiving to reduce the file size and I have it set to automatically backup on close. I also keep it in DropBox so when this happens now I just restore it in DropBox but its a serious pain.

    Anyone got any ideas? I cant find anything relevant with Google.

  9. Very many thanks for the Money download, I’ve just moved to a new PC and no idea where the original install media might be. Saved me a lot of hassles!

  10. excellent to the fact have been using 2001 started crashing after win 10 upgrade found your site didn’t realise free upgrade to 2005 existed so i upgraded, works fine
    have been using money since the start , here what your saying you just get used to it any thing else is alien
    does what it says on the tin

  11. A long-term user of MS Money, I moved to version some years ago. Just recently I have taken on the job of managing an elderly relative’s finances and am finding Money very helpful. Setting up the necessary separate file has prompted me to review my use of the program and I have some queries for you:
    I understand I should be able to import a downloaded OFX file but the only relevant option seems to be for an INV file import; I expect I am missing something obvious but I am wary of experimenting lest I damage my installation.
    I think there should be a local Help facility (F1) but using this just maximises the program window and opens the MSN website.
    Lastly, several of the program menu options and links simply take me to the same website and I wondered whether anyone has found some way to remove these options.
    I should be grateful for any helpful comment from you.

  12. This problem demonstrates the arrogance of Microsoft. There is an army of mm users trying get this invaluable program to work. Surely it is not beyond the wit of the company to upgrade mm to work with constantly changing operating systems and for users to pay a subscription. I get teed off with gates

  13. Thank you so much Gareth. We have been using Money for 20 years when our old version of Money 99 became ‘corrupted’. We were having problems fixing this until we found you! You have saved us hours of work.

  14. Hi

    I also have been using Microsoft Money some 20 years but had to re-install 2005 version after my previous version was deleted by mistake. Installed again but does not seem
    to accept my back-up money file now and starts becoming unresponsive so what am i doing wrong here.
    Any help here i would be most grateful for thanks.

  15. Dear Gareth,

    I am also a veteran Money user. I still run the Version 5 on Win 10 Home, ver 1511 in Swedish.

    I have managed to live with most limitations in the product and like you never wanted to switch product, notably as that would mean losing the history.

    But now the account limit (63) blocks me.

    Do you think I can upgrade to the versions now available, without any problems?

    The alternatives seem to be, starting a new file and doing away with the old an unused accounts, or perhaps using a loan account as a savings account, but with a negative balance?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Markus, to be honest, I don’t know what would happen if you upgraded.

      Could you perhaps backup your MNY file, then try and upgrade and if it doesn’t work then roll back and restore your backed-up MNY file?

      I do, however, want to ask: how have you got more than 59 accounts?!

  16. I have been using Microsoft Money since Windows 98. I had a disk failure with my next computer in 2012 running XP and was able to recover my Money data (4 accounts) using Money 2005 with the 1105 Patch. I have recently updated to a new computer running Windows 10 and found the disk I had prepared and used previously did not work. I am indeed grateful to you for posting the solution to this problem. I have now been able to access all the data that I had thought might be lost for ever.

  17. Hi there, I have downloaded MS Money 2005 (UK) and when I try to run it I get a message saying autorun inf file not found? I’m not a computer whiz so is there an easy way to fix this?

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