Not indicative of wider trends in society

Pension age workers on the rise says ONS

BBC News: Pension age workers on the rise says ONS

A couple of fabulous tweets this evening from my work colleague @doctorvee about this page on the BBC News website with the title “Pension age workers on the rise says [Office of National Statistics]“:

Even by the standards of BBC News, this is a totally weird photo to use [...] as though the experiences of Bruce Forsyth dancing with Tess Daly is indicative of wider trends in society.”

(Source and source)

Wise words.

Keep calm and carry on

Keep calm and carry on

The BBC on their Magazine website in February asked if this was “the greatest motivational poster ever”.

Apparently, 2,500,000 copies were printed but weren’t distributed; at least not widely.

The Keep Calm and Carry On “motivational poster” was created in 1939 at the outbreak of World War II as a last case scenario to be used in the event of the Nazis succeeding in invading the UK.

It’s the stuff of good old, stiff-upper-lip British resolve. Keeping the chin up in the face of adversity.

Updated for web developers

Which got me thinking. This would be a perfect companion to .net magazine‘s Bring Down IE 6 campaign.

Bring down IE6

The premise is simple: Internet Explorer 6 is antiquated, doesn’t support key web standards, and should be phased out.

But what if it’s not? What if Internet Explorer 6 carries on being supported for years and years to come. What if companies, and schools and universities don’t drop it for something better, something newer? What do we do then?

Well, that’s where my new A4 poster comes in:

Keep calm and debug IE6

We just keep calm and carry on!


Creative Commons Licence

Creative Commons License
Keep Calm and Debug IE6 by Gareth J M Saunders is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 UK: Scotland License.
Based on a work at

The LibDems safeguarding your money

It’s the European Parliamentary election on Thursday so we’ve been getting the usual steady stream of political party leaflets through the door.

Liberal Democrats flyer showing man putting card into cashmachine.

I was just about to throw into the recycling this one from the Scottish Liberal Democrats when the photo of Sir Menzies Campbell MP and Iain Smith MSP standing at a Royal Bank of Scotland Cashline (ATM) machine caught my eye.

Here it is enlarged:

Sir Menzies Campbell with man not using cashline machine properly.

Can you spot what the problem is with this photograph?

It would appear from this photograph that our local Member of the Scottish Parliament doesn’t know how to use a Cashline machine. He’s trying to poke his bank card into the slot that the money comes out of!

Look! According to this illustration from the RBS website there’s even a diagram on the machine to show you where to put your card, along with the written instruction “Insert here”:

(Source: RBS MoneySense for Schools)

I’m presuming that the Liberal Democrats’ policy for introducing international action to safeguard your money doesn’t simply rest on their inability to use the machines that would help them get the money out of the bank again!

Wikipedia names your band

What a great meme, spotted on Ricky Carvel’s blog: Wikipedia names your band.

Here are the rules:

  1. Band name
    Go to a random Wikipedia article. The name of the article becomes your band name.

  2. Album title
    Next go to Random Quotations. The last 4-5 words of the last quotation on the page are your the title of your first album.

  3. Album cover
    Now go to Flickr’s Explore the last 7 days and choose the third picture. This will be your album cover.

  4. Final article
    Finally put them all together and you have an album cover.

I’ve just done it three times. I think I’ve found my new hobby!

Earl of Sefton Stakes – “Can’t hear what they say?”

Earl of Sefton Stakes
Photo credit: liao,che-yi

This is the first one I created. It was a bit too disturbing, so I signed to another record label, changed the name of the band and ended up with our new album …

Vydra – “Men just need a place”

Photo credit: *ailicec*

Vydra did really well, reaching number 51 in the alternative rock charts. The NME said that we were quite literally “a peg above the rest” but disaster struck when the drummer left to start his own laundry business.

But not one to stay down I found another bass player, changed our name once again, and released …

Akreavenek Island – “Affirmatively says nothing”

Akreavenek Island
Photo credit: Rock the pixel

Akreavenek Island are your typical rock/metal crossover act, somewhere between Sigur Rós and Rammstein meets Extreme Noise Terror and Celine Dion. We cover mostly ballads. But with more shouting and white noise than the originals. Available now in no good record stores.

The best job in the world?

My friend Iain has applied for what is being dubbed “The Best Job in the World“: The Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Not sure how it can be, to be honest, given that the best job in the world is to be working within the Web Team at the University of St Andrews!

Anyway, that dispute aside, potential applicants are asked to upload a video, photograph and video of themselves (no longer than 60 seconds) to the website.

Here’s Iain’s … erm, offering. Check it out, it’s a work of genius!

Or you can check it out within the context of The Best Job in the World website.