Gareth John McKeith Saunders

45 Lindsay Berwick Place
KY10 3YP
Fife, United Kingdom


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  1. Dougal Mor, (A Tall Dark Stranger) and His Grace The Duke of Fife, wish you a speedy recovery, A Very Merry Christmas, & A Happy New Year.

    Dougal Mor, a Douglas Fir is reputed to be the tallest tree in Europe. I asked a friend to collect pine cones. Chris and Jean Taylor stood under the tree, but the ground was littered with cones. “How can we be certain these pine cones actually came from Dougal Mor?” asked Chris and at that instant Jean and Chris say they were showered with pine cones from above. My Great Grandfather, Phillip Affleck Fraser planted Dougal Mor, so perhaps gust of wind brought them down for my benefit? In any case the purpose is to plant the seeds and start a new generation. Maybe The St. Andrews Caroll Singers might locate a suitable spot to commemorate the 600th. The Forestry Commission will then be able to advise, God willing.
    Kind Regards
    Alastair Carnegie

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